5 Things Worth Doing To End the Year Right

1/ Annual Review

Do this to take a look at what went right and what did not.

This will be for records and also to guide your next year.

2/ A Gut Check

Listen with intent to what your intuition is telling you.

Look for anything that is not aligned with your vision for life and say no to it or delete it from life.

3/ Complete the incomplete

Find a pet project that got put on the back burner because something else sucked you in.

A book, a vlog project, a new launch whatever it was, find it and complete it.

4/ The next year’s plan

List what all you will do and be in the next year.

Think through when and where you will do something.

Use it to tackle one big project and 4 small projects, one for each quarter of the year.

5/ Plan for a year end break

I’d recommend 3 weeks to a month. Do 2 weeks at least. 

Announce when you’ll not be available.

Set expectations for this time.

Then prep so that everything will run smoothly while you are not around.

When you do these you’ll finish the current year strongly and start the new year with confidence and clarity.

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