5 Doubts (in the Veil of Questions) That Creators Need to Get Over

You can’t be a professional creator if you create and don’t show what you make to the public.

But putting your creations out there is like putting a part of ‘you’ out there.

So, it is not easy.

Especially when you are starting the journey, because of analysis paralysis and self-doubt.

Questions to Answer and Doubts to Get Over

If you plan to start as a creator any time soon or if you in early stages of your journey, here are questions and doubts that you’ll need to get over.

Am I good enough?

A. Maybe you are or you are not. But you’ll not know until you put your work out there. You also get good and become better by practicing.

Will someone think I am stupid?

A. Do you care for growth or looking good? The choice is yours. Think about whether you’ll have to live with the regret of not doing it, and you’ll get your answer.

How do I find time for this?

A. Trade your NetFlix time for this, and go fast when you create.

Will it be worth my time?

A. You’ll not until you do it. You can emulate those who are winning, learn from then, and make a fluid plan that you tweak as you go.

How long before I see results?

A. It depends on what you will be trying to get out of your efforts. Is it money, fame, influence, impact, connections? All are possible and accrue faster if you know what you are after, and make a deliberate effort to improve and grow. If fame is your goal then if you just keep on creating without spending time on promoting you’ll likely not be famous anytime soon. So spend a lot of time creating and some time to take it out to the right people.

The best way to get over each of those doubts is to just start.

Or if you are very sensitive, start in a safe place first. Put it out in a family group or share it with close friends first. Build your rhythm and then start to share what you make once a week, even there ask friends and family to support you. It helps to know that you have your cheerleaders with you even in a public place.

Happy creating 🙂

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