Don’t Spend Too Much Time On Trivial or Everyday Decisions

Follow the 5×5 rule, when thinking about something that won’t matter in 5 years.

Don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying and thinking about it.

Just go with what feels right.

Of course, be smart and choose your actions in a way that you can fix things if something goes wrong.

And wherever a decision is important but something that you do daily, take time to think about it once so that you won’t have to think about it again.

Do this with decisions like what to eat, what to wear, or what schedule to follow in a day.

You can make a weekly or monthly meal plan and repeat it month after month. 

For clothes you can make a dress code that can become a part of your identity also like black turtleneck for Steve Jobs and gray hoodie for Zuck.

Freeze a schedule and follow it every day, just plug your to-dos inside hours you have set for work.

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