You’ll Sell More if You Did This

You will sell more if you pissed off more people every day.

The idea is not to annoy people and piss them off.

But to make an offer, or even better ‘offers’, every day.

And when you do, you ‘will’ piss off people.

You will do it by telling them the truth they don’t want to hear, truth which is painful.

Like their product is no good.

Their marketing sucks.

Or competition is doing it better.

You’ll piss them off by prying for areas of concern and positioning your products or services to fit what they need, even when the conversation may be uncomfortable.

So pissing people off is a sign that you are doing the work, you are doing the right thing.

Now you know how simple it is to sell more, what if it is a bit uncomfortable 🙂

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