Ignore Marketing If You Want to Fail As An Entrepreneur

Especially if what you are selling is not unique.

This is true for most business owners especially service providers, freelancers, and agency owners, and coaches.

Without getting the marketing right, you’ll always be struggling to get clients and keep them, especially when dealing with competition with superior marketing.

And even when you do get a client you will have a problem pricing high.

So how do you get your marketing right?

By sharing what you know.

By showing what you did, especially then the results you got.

And by helping others.

When starting out, make sure you are spending time often on your marketing.

Learn from those who are doing it right.

Devour books, watch videos, ask questions, try stuff, make mistakes and improve your marketing.

Create demand for your products and services more than you can handle.

Don’t worry about delivery when people want you, you can find a way to help them, if not recommend your friends who are in need of work and who do good work.

Show up, and create your own opportunity.

Commit to being a good marketer if you are not already.

And market your way to success.

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