My May 2019 Diet Clean Up Experiment [No Sugar And Milk On Weekdays] Why I Did It And Results

Another month, another experiment.

In May I decided to fix what I am putting in my body and deleted sugar and milk, two items I was overdosing on, from my diet.

I started the experiment on 6th May.

I like to keep things simple and not make them too taxing on my schedule, body, and brain so I decided to follow this no milk, no sugar plan during weekdays and allowed myself to have fun with friends and family on weekends.

Why Did I Decide To Remove Sugar And Milk?

Because I like to start small.

And because it was not too tough to implement. The milk and sugar I cut out from my diet, almost all of it I was having with my coffee which I was having too much of.

So to do I just started having black coffee in place of my regular coffee with milk and sugar, for five days a week. It wasn’t too much of a sacrifice to feel lighter and shed some pounds off my body.

A total rehaul of what I was eating would have been too much. So I did not worry too much about what I am eating.

And, I figured removing these two from my diet would have a solid impact on reducing my calorie intake.

Sugar alone would have a good reduction because it adds taste to whatever we eat and we end up eating a lot more than we should have. Then there are sweets. They are condensed calories so even when we think we are having a small portion, we end up taking in a lot of calories.

I deleted milk also because I want to lose some pounds that I gained by eating rich food through winters.

If you not a black coffee person (like I wasn’t when I quit tea about five years back) you will find it tough in the beginning but eventually, you’ll come to enjoy it or at least bear it. I add cinnamon powder and ghee (clarified butter) to mine at times and I quite like it.

Why Only Weekdays?

Because as I shared earlier, I didn’t want to torture myself.

And, because I am still not have not reached the sainthood 🙂 and food is one of the ways I enjoy my time with family and friends so I didn’t want to miss out on that joy.

Following it on weekdays meant that I was following it for 75% of the time, this was good enough for me.

Why These Experiments?

All of my growth has come from trying new things in life.

Ideas can be useful and motivate us, but without trying out these ideas we won’t know if they work. Even if ideas are time-tested without applying them in our lives we won’t see any improvements. That’s why these experiments.

Sharing the results forces me to take the experience seriously. And, by sharing my observations, I hope that you’ll able to try these ideas and experiments yourself.

This is the fifth experiment of 2019.

For now, I share the results of the experiments after completing them. In the future, I may announce public experiments and invite you to try a new experiment with me.

I am listing all experiments with results on this dedicated experiments page.

I would also love to hear about your current or past experiments where you have tried implementing a new idea in your life.

The Results

So how did it go?

I started it on May 6th.

And I stuck to what I had planned. Followed it for 20 days out of 31 days.

I think I can call it a success. Met my goals of feeling lighter and not overdosing on milk and sugar, my drugs of choice during the past several months.

And, I didn’t weigh myself but I would have easily lost 3-5 kgs (6-10 pounds), so that is a plus.

What I Learned

Only one big learning from this experiment but that is important enough.

That by cutting sugar from our diets we can have a big impact on our calorie intake. Because a lot of what we crave – ice creams, shakes, cakes, sweets – is due to ‘addictive’ sugar in it. So by cutting sugar we also cut out on a lot of junk because burger will not be so much without ketchup of soft drink, right?

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