How to Create Your Online Course in a Week?

Teaching a great way to build authority and to make money, you can even make a million dollars or more doing that if you want to.

Video is a great way to teach and when you create an online course powered by the video you don’t even have to be there to teach.

I have seen people making $10 million in course revenues over 3 years with a small team.

You may not be able to launch a course like that in a week, because it is a function of getting customers to take your course, getting them results that you can use to entice more people to take the course.

But you can definitely make a short course that you can launch on a platform like Udemy or even on your own using a platform like Teachable or Podia.

To do it in a week, we are assuming that you already have the knowledge and a sense of how you are going to structure it.

With that in place it just takes, these 5 steps.

1/ Outline your course. [Day 1]

Start with the broad points, headlines you want to cover. Add a bulleted list of all that you want to say under each headline. Move them around to see each bullet point make sense under a headline.

2/ Organize content. [Day 2]

Open a Google Drive and create sub folders for each headline. And within the subfolder, create a doc for each bullet point. Expand on the idea inside each doc. 

3/ Get the content ready for recording. [Day 3]

Edit it, add examples to round off what you want to say. Remove fluff so that you are giving the best value for the time and money anyone will invest on your course. Prepare slides one each for each bullet point and titles slides for each headline.

4/ Practice recording the course. [Day 4]

Speak everything aloud the way you’d say for final recording. This will help get your rhythm.

5/ Record the course. Once you’ve done practicing take a break of 1 days. [Day 6 and 7]

Then use Loom or even better ScreenFlow to record yourself talking over the slides like you are giving a presentation. 

And, just like that you are done with your online course.

What will it be about?

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