Authority Hacking: Getting Help From Those Who Are Ahead of You to Grow Your Brand

Authority hacking is one of the best ways to build and grow your brand quickly.

Like all good things in life it takes effort and time.

But it is worth it.

To hack authority, show a direct or indirect association with someone who is an authority in a space where you want to make a mark.

When you do that some of the authority and credibility of the person or brand you are associating with rubs on to you. As you continue to do it your brand becomes bigger, and more people start knowing you.

To do it right, do not associate with mega brands or names in your space who are way ahead of you and may not pay attention. Choose those who are 2-5 years ahead of you in terms of growth trajectory. When you do that, you have a better chance of building a relationship with them in the near term.

Do it consistently. Because one off association won’t help much. 

To put it into practice, you can interview an authority or review their new book. You can even create a series like ‘7 things you didn’t know about NAME’ or ‘How NAME built her business’. Replace NAME with the authority you want to associate with. Of course, tweak it depending on the industry you operate in.

Most authority hacking content works great as top of funnel content. Often those you feature, can mention you and this way you can get on the radar of their followers.

Do you think you can use this idea?

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