Why You Must Create a Course, and How to Do It Right

A course is something that almost all businesses should create.

Your reason to create it can be different based on your goals.

You can do it to collect leads, earn money or build your brand.

Course for Lead Generation

So, for a business running a mattress brand, a free course in how to sleep well will be great. Because it will filter the audience and help you generate qualified leads.

Course for Additional Revenues

Now, if you are an agency that sells content marketing services, you can create a course that teaches how your customers can do it themselves. And you can sell this course to leads who are not a good fit to be a retainer or done for your client.

It works great if you sell premium services. So if you sell your services at $5000 a month, and you get a prospect who says they can’t afford it, you can point them to your $100 course.

This can also work for conversions over a long period of time, though the conversion percentage may be low. Chances are out of 100 people who take your course, 5-10 will grow much faster than others and 2-3 of them can buy your retainers services in a couple of years, if they get value from your course.

If you have written a book, then you can convert what you wrote in the book into a course. You can also use an early version of this course to get pre-orders of your book by bundling it with the book. Then you can create a pitch and allow anyone who pre-orders a copy of the book, access to your new course.

Course for Brand Building

If brand building is your goal, then you can either do a free curse or the paid ones like I have shared above. You will get lead and/or money, and your brand automatically grows in a process. It is also a good idea.

Now you want to create a course because you know how valuable it is. And wonder how to create it.

How to Create a Course That Helps People Win

Make it so that those who are in the course spend almost no time on learning and almost all their time doing.

Nobody wants to learn to use a tool, app or course, they want to achieve an outcome.

If your course helps them achieve that outcome, they’ll grow, be happy and tell others about your course and that is one definitive way to grow.

Of course there will be some learning along the way, but that is not the goal.

To make sure that they get the value from the course, they can – keep them accountable is to give them a set of action items for a week that moves them close to the outcome they want.

And, then review their progress on a regular basis depending on how long they are going to be working with you.

With this approach, in a short time, you would have created a course that will help your prospects and customers win, and help you stand out from the competition. With leads and additional revenue as bonus.

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