Addicted to Learning, Allergic to Implementing

Learning is good.

Those who do so are a step ahead than those who do not learn.

But learning itself is not a good end goal.

Because learning alone does not help us grow. Learning and applying what we learned does.

More so, the difference between growth of non-learners and learners who don’t apply is not much. It is because those who don’t learn, don’t know and can’t apply. And those who learn, know and still don’t apply.

But those learning and not applying what they learn may be at disadvantage more than those who don’t learn.


Because learning takes time, and most refined learning takes money also. So if someone was not learning they may invest their money and time on something else.

Even then many of us only learn and not apply. They are learning addicts or hobby learners. People who spend tens of thousands of dollars in learning and then do nothing. They invest in courses and coaching and then don’t take action because they don’t trust themselves and are afraid to fail.

How to Get Over This Situation

The first step is to admit that you have a problem and share with those who care and understand what you are into, to hold yourself accountable.

Next commit to not just learn and dabble, but executing and trusting the process.

And, don’t get into the trap of perfection and give yourself permission to fail and put yourself out there.

Once that is out of the way, just decide milestones and don’t stop until you hit or move past your chosen milestone.

Once done, repeat for the next milestone.

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