Countdown has begun


Countdown has begun?

Eight months of year 2011 are already behind us.

Four more to go before we enter a new year.

Many of us started the new year with plans, hopes of making it big, thoughts of giving the best to the projects we were working on.

Did it pan out as you planned or something slipped along the path, life took over or you just got lazy?

Whatever the case, it is a good time to take note of your progress. You can speed up on the tasks where you have fallen behind and remove some items from your list that you are no longer excited about.

It is a good time to clean your head of the baggage of thoughts about what could have been done. Instead take stock, purge and move ahead with energy and sense of purpose.

This is how I have done so far.

For me past 8 months have been filled with some pleasant transitions.

Things have gone the way I wanted them to. I am doing the work that I love.

I wish everything was perfect but I had my share of misses. I do not celebrate these misses but see them as means of better learning of self.

Today I took some time to reflect on what went right and what could have been done better.

Also checking whether I am going in the direction that I planned for or going astray. Answer is – I am on track.

What is in store for next 4 months?

1. I plan to build upon what I have already done.

2. Avoid new projects other than the ones already planned.

3. I have a new project launch planned towards end of this month. Will share when it is ready. (Hint: It is a content driven project.)

4. Begin work on a long-term project with minimal time commitments this year.

5. Write – as and when I can – here, and for the other project that I just shared above.

6. Spend time with community β€” connecting online. I will also be curating the TEDx event that I am licensee for.

7. Travel. Mysore, Dubai, Sydney β€” are on the cards.

So this is my plan.

How did 1st eight months of the year go for you and how are you planning to use remaining months.

If you missed something that you wanted to do during first eight months, is there a way you can catch up?

Can I help you with something? Ideas may be.

If you have been thinking about doing your life’s works do not wait till end of the year. Get started now. Now you know is the best time.

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