How To Cope With Feeling of Overwhelm

1/ Do something different than what is overwhelming you.

2/ Meditate as it allows you to calm the nerves and keep your emotions in check.

3/ Talk to others who are on the same journey. Ask what they do to cope and do the same.

4/ Avoid sitting for a long time. Move your body it moves the feeling of overwhelm and stress out.

5/ Build a routine and work habits. It allows you to do what you do without much pressure on your mind.

6/ Do something that breaks the pattern and recharges you — like taking a shower, taking a nap, or getting a massage.

7/ Create boundaries and have a time of the day and days of the week when you do and don’t do certain things.

8/ Have a list of things to do. Once you’ve done it, call your day a success, and don’t worry about what is on your plate.

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