Continuity in Relationships

Society is built on relationships. Families too.

Relationships also drive careers. 

And, a business that serves businesses can’t go far without a relationship with its customers.

Smart business owners know this and try to build a relationship with the customers.

But not all succeed because if they did customers won’t leave.

Most business relationships start with an exchange of value.

That’s how they start but that is not the only thing they need to move forward.

If you run a business, have customers and are now looking to keep them, then give more than you take.

But don’t stop there because that’s for starters. 

To keep it going, manage expectations by making promises you are sure of keeping and then keep those promises.

Over-communicate and do something that creates a delightful experience for the customers.

And, do more than what you promised or customer expects.

Chances are if you do this, your customers won’t leave you for a long long time.

Won’t you like that?

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