Good Content Distributed Well Is Leadership at Scale

Speak at a conference once, record it, and put it online where people can see it, and get your work in front of millions of people.

Same for a high-quality blog post. Write it once, and be seen by hundreds or thousands of new people every day.

This helps because visibility equals opportunities.

It all starts with good content. You may ask what is good content.

First, understand what it is not.

It is not what you think is good. 

But what your audience thinks is good. 

And what content the audience finds good.

Something that helps them, entertains them, educates them, or alleviates their pain.

Now you know what good content is.

Let’s talk about distribution for a bit.

If you create the world’s best content on a topic and no one sees it, no opportunity will come your way.

To make the content work for you, give it legs.

There are two ways to do it. One by investing money and the other by investing lots of time, and little or no money.

To use the money to distribute your content, run ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube, and on other similar platforms, where your audience hangs out.

To distribute your content by investing time, go on podcasts, and host webinars. 

And don’t ignore search engine optimization (SEO). Because For both video and words, SEO still remains one of the most important ways of distribution because billions of people look for answers to their questions on both Google and YouTube every day.

Once the search visibility kicks in for your content, you can focus more on creating content and see your brand grow real quick.

So, create good content, distribute it using paid means or work on search (takes about 6-12 months to show results) and witness what I call leadership at scale powered by content.


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