Three Pieces of Advice for a Content Creator

The content creation game has changed.

There are so many serious creators out there.

They are methodical and are working at it as a pro.

But the basics to succeed as a creator remain the same.

Here are three components a creator needs to be called a successful creator.

1/ Value

This is the most important of all three. Ask yourself if you are providing value to your audience by solving a problem for them. The value you provide can be in the form of entertainment, information, and counterintuitive advice.

2/ Consistency

An exemplary content creator will fail if they don’t post content often. An ordinary content creator will succeed if the creator does it often and focuses on 1% improvement every time they post content. When publishing long-form content like videos, blog posts, or podcasts, commit to publishing 100 times a year. For micro-content, publish every day for 365 days. This will be enough to understand what works, what does not, and change gear and focus as needed. Mr. Beast published videos for 7 years before his first video with 1000 views.

3/ Marketing

Regular publishing alone is not enough. You need to put effort into distributing and showing it to more people by giving your content legs. One of the simplest ways to do it on social platforms is to post and engage under large accounts in your niche. For long-form content, optimizing it for search, collaborating with other creators, and building an email list to promote future content works.

Give this trifecta a try and see your content take off.

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