From Consumer to Creator

Everyone is a consumer.

You and I both.

And everyone around us.

Because everyone consumes.

TV, news, art, and food 🙂

Being a consumer is easy because someone else is creating.

For food, there are farmers, for news, there is media, writers for words, artists for art, and musicians for music.

Creation takes effort. Even producing commodities. A farmer has the comfort of a set process that has worked for centuries, but even for him, there are variables that he needs to deal with.

For ‘creatives’ the variables are bigger or more complex because they pull things out of the ether.

That said it might not be as tough as you think it is – if you go by a process.

Here is one that works.

Look around,



Add your perspective,


And, share.

Do it often and long enough, and you would have made the transition from being a consumer to becoming a creator.

With your own tribe and your own creations to show the world.

There will be times when you’ll think you are not enough.

When you’ll feel like an outsider or even worse an imposter.

All these are part of the process of growing as a creator.

Take them in your stride and keep going when that happens.

And, you’ll be there.

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