Connect, Help, Make An Offer, Follow Up and Win

Early in my marketing career, my first big win was a client that made me $10k+.

She was in the US. I met her on Twitter, reached out cold, and replied to some of her questions.

Moved the conversation to email.

Helped her for free many times before offering to help her professionally.

She asked me to work on profit share.

I denied and offered an alternative which she and her business partner agreed to and we started working together.

This is such a simple and effective approach. I wonder why more people don’t use it.

If you ask me, Twitter was and is the best platform for initial connection because of how open it is, and you can reach out to anyone you want to (from those who are on the platform).

After you connect with someone, be helpful. Reply to their questions or add your thoughts to what they post.

Move the conversation off Twitter over email.

Continue helping and through your help show that you have skills or expertise that they will find valuable.

Next, connect over call or Zoom for a discovery call. Schedule another call before finishing this call and during that call pitch what you have to sell.

Send a short note about your offer later.

And, follow up until you win.

Don’t suffocate the client but follow up often until you sign a deal.

Repeat this process often and you will win big time.

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