Doing Money Discussions with (Potential) Clients Right

The closer you are to the money, the more successful you are.

Your closeness to money is not always evident to others, you have to show it to your prospective clients when talking to them.

How do you do that?

Imagine you sell ‘cold emailing’ as a service, but they are ways to tell others what you do.

You can say something like — I’ll send you 1000 cold emails with a response rate of 6% for $5000/month.

Or you can say I’ll book 10 meetings monthly with a revenue potential of $35,000 per month.

Which one looks closer to the money and has a chance of converting better?

The 2nd option, right?

Because it shows that with your help, your client can earn multiples of what they’ll pay you, which is not evident from the first option.

If you run a marketing or creative agency, you can base your money discussion on the lifetime value of a customer plus the cost of service/product delivery with them. 

Up to 25-50% of the profit margin of a usual service can be deployed for marketing investment. 

So if the profit margin for a product priced at $1000 is $300. $150 can be invested in marketing to acquire that customer. Use this for your calculation and explanation.

And last but probably most important, always have the money discussions first because if a client cannot pay, then there is no point wasting your time with them.

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