10 Reasons to Charge Your Clients More

This is for agency founders and those in service-based businesses.

When you charge your clients, it helps you in the following ways:

1/ Clients who pay more value your expertise and trust you to do what they hired you for.

2/ They leave you alone to do what you need to do.

3/ It allows high-profit margins, so you need to take on fewer clients to meet your target revenue goal.

4/ Thanks to this, employees have more space to serve each client so that they can serve them better.

5/ It results in happy clients who continue with you longer than crappy clients and creates opportunities like good word of mouth and organic growth.

6/ With good cash flow and profit, you can hire A-players.

7/ A-players are responsible, accountable, and talented and make your life easy and allow you to operate in your zone of genius.

8/ With more time, you can focus on strategic work and growth.

9/ This usually creates more opportunities for growth and better clients.

10/ High-paying clients are usually bigger brands, which also makes for good social proof.

With all these advantages, the virtuous cycle of growth continues.

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