Change Yourself and Change Others

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If you change yourself you will change your world.”

That is a powerful approach to living life but this may work in current unprecedented times.

Now, times are such when you need to change yourself and change others because your well being also depends on others being fine.

You can help in the following three ways.

Being an enforcer. 

This works if you are the head of the family and everyone has to listen to you. You can lead by logic and tell people why the enforcement of being in a place and avoiding direct social contact.

Be the guide.

One who does the research and informs everyone. It is good if the guide is a logical person and does not paddle bullshit, and shares information as a matter of fact.

Be the provider. 

Who organizes stuff that you need in these times. This person should be a good planner.

Of course, other people can share ideas, but one person should take the lead.

Also, be sure to set a good example for your family and your community by being real and accepting fear if it exists and then taking important measures as needed.

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