How To Blow-Up as a Professional in 2022

Have you thought about growth in your career recently?

If yes, then you’ll find what you see below useful to build a resilient career and grow exponentially.

1. Upskill

Not growing your skills is a death warrant for your career.

There is no way you will be relevant in your market if you didn’t take time to learn and apply what you learned.

2. Build a side hustle

It is your insurance against doing what you don’t want to do.

It works in two ways, it keeps you in learning mode. Plus it adds to your money kitty.

And, who knows your side hustle can become the main gig and you can reach your wealth goals sooner than you would otherwise. At that point, you’ll be free to live the way you want.

3. Build a media machine and get people on it

It is modern networking. 

Which message do you think will get a better response?

“Hey I admire what you do, and I’d like to pick your brain, coffee/lunch/dinner is on me.” OR “Hey I’ve been observing your journey from afar and admire a great deal. I’d like to interview you on the podcast that I promote to my newsletter within 5000 subscribers or a blog with half a million readers or a LinkedIn audience of 10,000 people. I am now booking guests for next month. Would love to have you on.”

My media machine is this blog that I used to work with people like Seth Godin on Amazon’s first publishing imprint and become friends with people like James Altucher. It also paved the way for writing my first book with my co-author and friend Derek Sivers.

4. Get attention for your work

Go all-in on a platform/channel for distribution and build a dedicated audience there. How? 

By sharing what you know or are learning and making it easy for others to learn from you. Give them a path to do what you have done. Answer their questions, help them and bring them along on the ride.

5. Ask for a higher price

Ask yourself what you need to do to justify this higher price. If you are in a job that means asking for a higher salary. If you are a freelancer, increase your per-hour rate. If you run a service business, increase your service and monthly retainer price and do the same if you run a SaaS startup.

Are you already doing some of this? What kind of results have you seen so far?

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