Writing Well: Understand Basics Before Looking for Advanced Writing Advice

Writing is a powerful skill.

We use it to,

  • Express ourselves
  • Communicate 
  • Build Trust
  • Negotiate
  • Influence
  • Connect
  • Teach
  • Sell

It can very well be the difference between 10x success and a so-so run.

We can make writing well complex if we want to.

But understanding the basics first helps.

Here they are:

  1. We all start with a blank page
  2. A shitty first draft is next
  3. Edits are a must
  4. No edits while writing
  5. Read your work aloud. What sounds right reads right.
  6. What feeds your mind reflects in your writing. So, for rich writing, read, learn and live a rich life.
  7. Professional writers who see writing as a skill that can help them progress in their chosen career make time to write consistently.
  8. Deliberate practice helps your writing grow leaps and bounds
  9. When stuck with no ideas, move your body. It’ll help your creative juices flow, and writing will come easy.
  10. Don’t write when hungry or too full. You’ll find it tough to focus and may not be productive.
  11. Energy is one of the most important writerly qualities, so align your writing time with when you are most energetic, and you’ll produce good quality or at least a good quantity of writing. And from quantity, quality will appear.

I hope you can apply it in your writing.

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