Don’t Set Arbitrary Goals

We often set arbitrary goals.

Such goals are random and usually based on a personal whim, and there is no reason or logic to why we set them except that these goals seem right and get us excited.

One arbitrary goal a lot of people set is related to how much money they want to make.

While setting such goals people think of a random amount that will make them happy or meet their internal scale of success. It can be anything $1 million, $10 million or 100 crores. Such goals don’t do much for the person who sets such a goal – except making him or her frustrated.

It is better to think about what do you need the money for and if there is a way to get to the same outcome with less money. In most cases it is possible. You’ll realize it as soon as you put pen to paper or add numbers to a spreadsheet online.

Same goes to other common goals like wanting six packs in six months or losing 20 kgs in 2 months. Think about what will you get out of these goals and how will you achieve them.

It is more useful to set reason based goals, backed by a system/plan to achieve them than arbitrary goals, we are more likely to achieve them and get less frustrated in the process.

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