How to Make Agency-Client Relationships Work

Agency-client relationships are tricky.

Managing them well can open the floodgates of continuous cash flow.

Here are some ideas on how to do it right.

1/ Agree on what needs to be done, by when and at what cost, and stick to the promise.

2/ Make time to understand a client’s real pain and intermittently confirm if what you do is helping alleviate that pain.

3/ Continue showing clients your successes and that you are on top of things in their industry, and that you know more than them in the area where you are helping them. this is not arrogance but showing them that they can trust you with their work.,

4/ Know who your champions are on the client side.

5/ Always keep clients in the loop. Over-communicate. It never hurt anyone.

6/ Be proactive and see if problems don’t arise. When they do, address them promptly and professionally.

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