9 Actions To Shape 90% of Our Lives

We take 100s of small and big actions every day.

10% of these impact 90% of our lives.

Here are 9 such actions:

1/ Eating slowly and mindfully.

Our bodies and minds are shaped by what and how we eat.

Meal time is a time to renew ourselves. 

Best if we paid attention to it.

2/ Daily movement for 25 mins.

Sitting is the new smoking.

Most of us sit longer than we should.

The daily movement helps us hedge some risks.

Even better if you can move with awareness multiple times a day.

3/ Daily alarm as a reminder about bedtime.

Our body renews and repairs itself during sleep.

With irregular sleep routines, we invite totally avoidable premature aging effects and ill health.

A daily alarm is a reminder to sleep on time and ensures that it is at the top of our minds.

4/ Batching tasks to be done by category.

Context switching has a big cognitive cost.

By batching tasks, we save ourselves from context switching and become efficient in whatever we do.

5/List things one needs to do the night before and prioritize getting them done before everything else.

This list acts as a mental breadcrumb that makes it easy to get to those items the next morning.

This allows us to focus on non-urgent important items and move forward.

6/ Attacking difficult problems from all directions and completing them using a mix of planning and intense action.

Because if we don’t attack from all directions, with all our force, such problems tend to become bigger and have the power to derail our plans.

7/ Sending gifts and handwritten notes to friends and customers and wishing people who matter on their birthdays.

There has to be some way to let people know you care for them, giving you a reason to do that and letting you do it consistently.

This is that.

8/ Knowing that routine makes us productive and breaking away from routine makes us creative. 

Having space for both in a day.

Our bodies crave routines because they make it easy to maintain habits. 

Habits are good but make us comfortable. 

Extraordinary growth comes when doing difficult things. 

And such things call for breaking routines.

9/ Not rewarding yourself with dopamine (phone, social media, etc.) or food before completing the MIT (the day’s most important task).

Social media offers many opportunities.

And the phone is great as a gateway to connections and opportunities. 

But they also take a lot away. 

Before letting yourself lose in social media and devices, do what matters.

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