$25, 000 for a minute !

Sometime in life we all give a thought to the value of time (hopefully). But have you ever given a thought to the worth of one minute of your life?

Picture this. Donald Trump of “The Apprentice” fame is getting $ 1.5 million for a 1-hour keynote speech at a real estate espy.

Our very own Subhash Chandra of ZEE Group has already got into Mr. Trump’s shoes by starting Business Baazigar. What remains to be seen is whether Mr. Chandra can do a TRUMP by repeating his $1.5 million dollar keynote.

(A Virtual scenario: If it happens and Mr. Chandra, like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, decides to give his earnings from such engagements to the company funds; it will be a real good news for ZEE investors). On a more realistic note: Hope through Business Baazigar, he will be able to find a good idea to bet his money on.

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