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AmberRae_SethGodinJust finished a live video chat with Seth Godin and Amber Rae; and many members of the worldwide street team (who are now friends).

Here are my takeaways.


Traditional books are hard to share and expensive. The Domino Project intends to create books faster than the traditional publisher does and make it easily shareable.

The goal for The Domino Project is not to become a pre-eminent publisher. The biggest goal is to make a point.


That other publishers will follow same path to benefit the reader eventually. (I say: publishers will also make money and goodwill.)

Why should traditionally published authors be excited about The Domino Project?

Because books no longer will be about stating facts they will be about making a difference.

Importantly, time to market will be fast. Example, Seth Godin started writing Poke the Box on Dec 7, 2010 and it is scheduled to come out on March 1, 2011. That is almost 3 months from write-to-publish.

Difference between traditional publishers and The Domino Project

Publishers are like Venture capitalist for ideas.

TDP is about making an idea accessible; by bring unique ideas to readers who have given The Domino Project permission to share an idea. So far 20,000 subscribers have signed-up to receive updates.

The Domino Project gives author a ready platform with people who are eager to know what is next.

For new authors

  • For new authors obscurity is problem.
  • Even if you are good and no one reads you. No point.
  • Work on your craft.
  • Get your idea in front of people. Get people to read your stuff. (I say: Blogging helps you do that.)

Books sell when one human being tells another a human being to buy.

World does not want facts; It wants unique voices, packaged with oomph.

On Hype and Marketing

  • Hype – promise something and deliver less
  • Good Marketing is about telling stories and promising; and then delivering

Why does Seth Godin write a book?

Through his books Seth wants to plant an idea into the reader’s mind.

If you are planning to write a book, why do you want to write it? (Just share in comments)

Interesting facts about Seth Godin

  1. Seth comes in at 9am
  2. Cooks lunch every single day
  3. Leaves at 3.30pm
  4. Reaches home at 6pm and cooks dinner for his wife

You can explore more here.

What more do you want to know?

Update: PressPausePlay just released a sneak peak highlighting Seth’s story about writing Unleashing the Ideavirus. Check it on YouTube.

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