Keep your promises

keep our promise“A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain.” – Old Arabian Proverb

Do you make promises? Do you fulfill them – at least some of them?

It is important that we keep our promises. How many times we tell ourselves in our thoughts – about doing great things in life, living our dreams. But in reality – we spend time slacking. If we fulfill these promises made to our own self – life will be positively different.

You promised that you will bring the world to me; but you brought nothing. In relationships you make great promises about doing wonderful things. The idea is right – to make others happy. But no point saying it if you do not want to go the extra mile to fulfill your promise.

If you want to be successful and happy, fill the gap between reality and promise. Do not make promises that you cannot keep. An easy solution is not to make any promises at all; but this will show your lack of trust in your ability to deliver. So make promises and keep them. Promise something that you can deliver on. Do not go beyond? Better, deliver excellence all the time, without making a promise and surprise people.

An appointment is a promise.  A dead-line is a promise. Relationship is a promise to care and love.

The promise of this blog is to provide useful content every day. Time will tell how this promise is kept. With reader’s feedback and ideas, I am sure of keeping this promise.

A brand also has a promise to fulfill. Apple’s promise is usable design. They have been delivering on that promise for years. With iPhone4 (the antenna problem) that promise was shaken a bit. But all the promises that they have kept over all these years will keep them alive. There is a lesson in it for Apple – do not break any more promises, not too soon.

Those who keep the promise will get their due in form of trust, loyalty, wealth, love and more.

What is your promise to the world?

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