You, the creator. Time and space, your tools.

You ask for the opportunity.

You ask for the chance.

It is already here. You just need to look up, look with right intent and look long enough.

Learn to use  time  and  space  well.

Space.  Calm sets in when you become one with the space you are in. Before it happens, you need to work at it. You start with single-tasking and decluttering (getting rid of things that don’t add anything to your life, it may include experiences, emotions).

When you single task you engage better. When you remove clutter you focus better.

Focus and engagemnet makes it simple to become one with the space and objects. Classroom is one space with different elements. There is a teacher, there is you, then there are props board/projector, voice, text. All this is there to give you a message. You need to identify what is important for you. Then cut off from the rest. From a friend sitting next to you, from other students walking in the corridor. From what is the screen of your phone or laptop.

Same in an office setting or when you are trying to read a book sitting in a park or in a room full of people. A simple beginning will also be to use right spaces. Reading, writing, coding – in solace; better you can do it well in midst of crowd as well. The stage of calm within chaos will come later.At time distractions (chatting, poking, talking…) look fun. But do you want fun or do you want true happiness. Your call?

Time.  When you become one with a space, time will stop. No the clock won’t stop ticking, it never stops. But you will not feel the rush to get into the next thing before you could finish one at hand. You will be able to finish assignments in 50 minutes that earlier took 180 minutes. You will write code, you never thought you could.

So  Space.  Time.  Space.

This is it. Knowledge, ideas… good to read but nothing without action.

May the force above be with you


  1. Jigyasa

    Magic word is ‘Space’. And I am just thinking – Can I do this to myself? But I am glad before the force above pushes us really hard….we have got people down here to help, guide and mentor!

    Thanks Mohit, for sharing…simple & pure wisdom!

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