33 Writing Prompts For You To Explore Your Life’s Journey

Use writing prompts to write

Why writing prompts?

I’d say – why not.

Writing is a journey of self-exploration.

Do you want to go on this journey? Are you stuck thinking about what to write about?

Be stuck no more because I am sharing these writing prompts with you. Now instead of thinking what to write, you write.

Writing Prompts to Learn More About Yourself

  1. How does it feel to be a grown up and living the life you live now
  2. How your life turned out to be different than you had imagined
  3. Think about your biggest success so far and note the reasons for the success
  4. Write about the time you failed and why
  5. What makes you happy
  6. Write about the time of greatest growth
  7. Write about a time when you were feeling lost
  8. What you learned in life so far
  9. Write about what you were thinking about life ahead when you turned twenty
  10. Write about the time you fell in love
  11. Write about your favorite teacher and what you liked about her. Once I wrote a post about how my English teacher gave me a gift of words.
  12. Why you started your business
  13. Parts of the life you have neglected and do you plan to do something about it
  14. Write about your father and his journey
  15. Your experience in your last job
  16. Your role model
  17. Write about a conversation you had with a stranger
  18. Write about your crush
  19. Your communication style
  20. Write about your best memory in life
  21. Write about your fondest memory
  22. People you met on the journey of life
  23. If you could be any person in the world, who would you be an why
  24. Write about your dream job
  25. Write about the book you want to write
  26. Write about your dream profession
  27. Write about your ideal day
  28. You have discovered that you’ll live forever, what will you do
  29. Write about the time when you visited a village
  30. Your relationship with your phone, the place it has in your life
  31. Write about your day, what went as per routine and what you hadn’t planned
  32. Write about the path which you took to reach where you are
  33. Write about your strengths

How To Expand On These Prompts

Think of these prompts as questions and write answers to these prompts. Your answers can be in a private journal or you can publish some of these on a blog.

Set aside sometime on a weekend to expand these prompts.

Don’t worry about writing a long answer. Write whatever comes to your mind without worrying about making it pretty.

While you write you’ll come across other tangents. It is ok to write about those. The idea of these prompts is to get you started, not to hold you back.

Edit after you finish writing all answers.

Once done put all that you wrote in one single essay. If you want you can change the order so it becomes a story.

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