There Is More To Writing A Book Than Creativity And Knowledge

You are knowledgeable.

You are skillful.

You have experience.

You want to help others.

You have something to say.

More than all this you can write.

Now, can you write a book?

Who am I to tell?

Or maybe I can.

Even with all these you may not write a book because to write a book you not only need to start it but finish it too.

Along with skills, experience, willingness to help, ability to write – you need the following:

You need to manage a book like a large project because that’s what writing a book is. It is a long writing project.

You need to manage your energy. This is probably as important as the ability to write because if you don’t have energy you will be not be able to summon creative thoughts and sit long enough to complete a book.

You need a solid schedule to complete your book within a deadline.

And, you need a deadline – either self imposed or imposed by your publisher.

You need motivation. Lots of it. You can find motivation in your reason to write, which can be to use your book to grow your business, fame or anything else.

Better if you have a writing coach to hold your hand while you try to find your way out of the maze of unfinished half cooked manuscript.

And, you need to tell yourself that you are enough and fully capable of the journey you started with high hopes and belief in your own abilities.

If you have dreams of writing or finishing your book, write to me [ mohit @ mohitpawar dot com ]

I might be able to help you with a plan and system to complete or by telling you that you don’t have a book in you. We don’t know which one will that be unless we discuss it – so reach out and say hello 🙂

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