12 Ways To Work Well With Clients

Client relationships can be uber profitable if you know how to work well with them.

Here is how you can do that:

1/ Keep your promises

2/ Do something extra

3/ preempt concerns and offer resolutions or responses

4/ When sharing challenges, bring solutions too.

5/ When making recommendations, share your thought process too

6/ Be clear about who will do what, what you’ll do, and by when

7/ Over-communicate, and instead of sending one long email or waiting to share everything over then call, send multiple intermittent updates.

8/ Offer enough context in your emails to avoid back-and-forth. When asking for feedback, end with statements like — if I don’t hear from you by Friday/15th, I’ll assume that you agree with the recommendations, and I’ll move ahead. This way, you’ll give a client a deadline to respond without calling it a deadline.

9/ mark your emails clearly and tell whether it is an ask, just some info, a recommendation, or an update. 

10/ When asking, be explicit about what you need

11/ Share recommendations even when you are not asked – it helps with upsells, too – because if a client wants recommendations 

12/ When sharing recommendations, always suggest the next steps

Good luck building a profitable business and creating value for your clients.

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