Make the Marriage of Paid and Organic Work and Win Big

Those well versed with paid media live and die by the power of performance marketing.

SEO and social media content experts offer these as if it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Truth be told, both paid and organic have their place under the sun.

If you ask someone who has been doing marketing for a while will tell you to focus on organic if you have more time and less money, and to focus on paid if you have more money and less time to deliver results.

That’s true to some extent.

But you know what’s even smarter.

Leveraging the power of both paid and social together.

Because paid helps organic and organic helps pay.

How you may ask?

Paid helps increase organic reach because people you see your ads, will also type in your name to find you elsewhere on the web.

And, after we make an offer via your ads, a strong organic presence will help win the trust of those who will look you up, and improve conversions. So with a well-established presence, your ads will be more efficient.

So don’t discount the power of organic visibility. If you are still in doubt, see all the YouTube channels Mark Zuckerberg has been on since Facebook’s rebrand into Meta.

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