Who Will You Become This Year?

Taking the leap.

It’s way easier to not have a new year resolution than to have one.


Because when we do not resolve to achieve something there is no fear of failure.

It is safe to tell our friends that we don’t believe in resolutions. If we tell them about what we wish to do and not follow through, then we fail in public. Worse than failing when no one is watching.

For the same reason.

We don’t leave, but decide to stay at that uninspiring job.

Don’t do the tough thing, but choose the easy path out with less upside.

Don’t publish our work, but choose to keep it in the notebook.

Don’t start that new project, but remain in dream mode.

Don’t reach out to the person we admire, but keep thinking.

Most of us act this way because there is apparently no risk in not doing, not taking responsibility.

We are fine being the consumers and not the creators. This might be risky. When we refuse to take responsibility we also leave the opportunity to someone else. Someone more eager, someone who respects the gift of life more than we do; someone who understands what a privilege this life is, more than we do.

Good news is that we can still take responsibility for our lives. We can choose ourselves to create, to share, and offer value – without waiting in life.

A new life is waiting for us. It starts with a single act of courage a simple try. Tools, technology, and people who need what we create are all there.

LIfe is what we make, and that’s powerful.

So, who will you become this year?

A better version of yourself? A leader, the voice of an important cause, taking care of yourself, your family and society may be.

We are waiting.

Take your shot

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