What Is Twitter? A Lot More Than You Think

Twitter is all of this at once:

  • A serendipity engine
  • A writing workshop
  • A party of the world’s doers, thinkers, and leaders

Use it as one or all of these.

Here is how each of these plays out.

Serendipity: Because a tweet can go viral and expose you to a boatload of people overnight. You never know what will create magic for you. So, tweet every day while aiming to share value.

Writing Workshop: It exposes you to some of the pithiest and most engaging writing on almost any topic you care about. Forces you to become a better writer. So consume good writing actively and become really good.

Party: Twitter is the world’s biggest event. It’s a great place to meet people with similar interests. Anyone on Twitter is just a tweet and a DM away. there are fewer boundaries and more openness to receive and share. Get in and find your people.

Do you use Twitter?

If yes, what value do you think you get from it?

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