Validation Is Not Only for Business

Smart entrepreneurs validate their business idea before they go all in to build a business.

To do it, they ask if people will pay for what they want to sell, a product or service.

When enough people say yes, they ask them again what if I gave you an unbelievable deal if you prepaid.

And, if enough people prepay, they go and make what they want to.

Now because they already have the money, which is like the startup capital that their customers gave them, they won’t lose except if they don’t deliver on the promise.

This idea is so good. It saves time, and reduces risk.

So, why limit good things, like saved time and reduced risk to business only.

You can apply it to whatever you do.

Want to write a book?

See if you can write an article.

Then see if you can write 5 or 10 in a row.

Do you like it? If you do write some more.

Starting posting what you write on social media.

And see if it sticks.

Don’t stop at one. Post ten one by one and see how people engage with it.

If you like it and see engagement for what you write, continue writing.

Write 50 articles based on an outline and you’ll have your book. 

Want to pursue a particular career path?



Start as a student.

Spend your summer doing what you think you’ll like.

Keep doing it over several summers until you find what you would like to pursue more.

If you are already working and want to change careers, take a course and see how much you like learning about this new direction you want to pursue.

Then teach what you are learning to others.

Don’t choose too early, explore for a while and then decide.

Want to hire a person to work with you?

Instead of going into the standard hiring loop.

Reach out to those who think will be the right fit.

Then offer to pay them for a small 2-3 week assignment.

See how well they do it, and how efficient the collaboration is.

Based on that, decide and make an offer to top 2-3 people you like one by one. 

One who accepts onboard.

This way you won’t have to risk onboarding someone who is not a fit and also reduce risk for employees before they already know what they are getting into.

Think of what other areas in life you can use this approach.

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