6 Unusual Ways To Unleash Your Creativity

Feeling that you haven’t been creative enough off-late.

Try one of these ideas and see how it works for you.

1/ Use random prompts: Try flipping through a dictionary, or even selecting words from a magazine to inspire new ideas. The unexpected connections your brain makes can lead to innovative and unusual creative outcomes.

2/ Create a “bad ideas” list: Deliberately come up with the most outrageous, impractical, or absurd ideas you can think of. This exercise can help you overcome creative blocks by eliminating the pressure to be perfect and allowing your mind to explore unconventional possibilities.

3/ Embrace your inner child: Engage in activities you enjoyed as a child, such as finger painting, playing with clay, or building with blocks. Tapping into your childhood sense of wonder and imagination often helps reignite your creative spark.

4/ Change your environment: Rearrange your workspace or create in an unusual location, like a park, cafe, or even a library. A change of scenery can help you see things from a different perspective and inspire new ideas.

5/ Try the “exquisite corpse” technique: Collaborate with others to create a piece of artwork, writing, or music or to build a business project where each person adds to the project without seeing the previous contributions. The final result will be surprising and inventive work that challenges your creative expectations.

6/ Limit your resources: Choose a few random items or tools and challenge yourself to create something using only those items. This constraint can force you to think outside the box and discover new ways to use familiar resources.

What would you add?

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