Truth moves the life and Life moves itself

You must be thinking what a title. Once you have read through you’ll know.

Yesterday there was a big fire in bombay high at an oil platform. 10 people are reported to be dead. Have you ever thought why people choose to work 160 km away from shore, right in middle of huge sea. Are they so passionate about their work, that they’ll go anywhere. 1 or 2 may be (though i doubt it).

Can it happen again? Yes it may. Will people stop going to work. NO. What’ll drives them to go to work. My answer is TRUTH drives them to work. LIFE drives them to work. Some have little children to feed. Some work to take care of parents back home. A few have technical qualification in the field of exploration, geo physics (mostly by default, rarely by choice) and could get a job only in this area.

Will there be a time on this planet, when everybody will be able to work by choice and not by compulsion. Time will only tell. Till then we all have to live accepting the TRUTH of Life.

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