Troubleshooting Human Life

Clearing your browser’s cache can take care of minor tech issues for your laptop.

If the problem persists, you reboot the device.

Then comes the remote troubleshooting where tech support tells you to press a combination of keys.

If that does not work, you take the device to the service center.

What is the equivalent of this in life?

When you face some personal or professional issues, focus on clearing your head and that takes care of most issues. Taking a walk in open does that for you.

If that does not work, reboot your body and mind. Taking a cold shower and a good night’s sleep works great there.

In most situations, you wouldn’t need anything else.

If that does not work, find someone you trust, who can listen without judging you and talk to them. That’s the next level of troubleshooting for human life.

By the end of this, most situations should take care of themselves.

If not, seek expert help, depending on what the issue is.

And, like a device, it is good to clear the cache and rebooting the device often. That way you can avoid a lot of the issues. If you reboot your body and mind daily you can avoid, get over with, or not be affected by a lot of issues that are part of life.

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