11 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

  1. They are fast decision-makers.
  2. They show up every day.
  3. They respond quickly and don’t like it if someone waits for their response. By doing this, they help others do their work.
  4. They can fix things quickly when things break, and they do break when a business grows fast.
  5. They thrive in markets where there is competition.
  6. They think big and know that effort for 10x results is the same or less.
  7. They preempt challenges and plan for them.
  8. They use the – Who not How – approach to do things.
  9. They act like the glue that keeps the team, company, and customers together.
  10. They are always hiring.
  11. They value clarity over confidence.

Are you a successful entrepreneur?

If yes, what will you add?

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