To Win More, Just Do More.

The other day my little sister was looking at her art diaries.

She started reminiscing about how at one point she made faces without a nose on them because that was the best she could do.

She didn’t like many of those creations. She still questions her work.

Whatever she thinks, I, as an admirer of her work, can see that she has come a long way. Just because she made those first pieces, continues to learn and improve.

This works for everyone.

We learn more from making something really awful than reading about how to do it. 

That’s why start before you feel ready and improve as you go.

This advice obviously does not apply to fields where scientific precision is required or where you are caring for life but rest everywhere it works great.

So, put in the work. 

What you make first will likely suck.

Find the reason it sucks, and keep improving until it doesn’t.

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