The Magic of Themed Days

I have gained a lot from theming my days.

On different days per the day’s theme, I batch the same work. This ensures I don’t have to move in and out of tasks. As a result, it safeguards my attention, and I don’t have to bear (task) switching costs.

This is something that I try to do as much as I can, but my adherence is less than 100% because there are days when things come up, or I am traveling, and then I follow a different schedule.

But wherever I follow the theme I have set for myself, it works wonders for productivity.

Here is how I theme my days.

On Saturdays and Sundays, I unplug from work. For a long time, I used to fast on these two days. Off late, I have kept these days for exploration and experiences and just to change the rhythm of the day.

2 Mondays in a month and Tuesdays are for meetings and manager’s work. These days, I take care of anything that does not fit the other days’ themes.

I keep 2 Mondays in a month and Wednesdays for growth. These are the days where I learn and put into action whatever I think will help me personally and my business grow.

Thursdays and Fridays are for writing and creating. I write every day, but these days, I write more than on other days with the intent of coming up with ideas and content that I can use in the coming weeks. On this day, I also work on finishing and sending my weekly marketing newsletter.

What about you? Do you use themed days or plan to?

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