Take Shortcuts Whenever You Can

Don’t take shortcuts, goes the popular advice.

This is a dumb idea.

True there are some things where it is not possible to take a shortcut.

Like, building a healthy body.

Accumulating wealth.

Creating lasting bonds.

Everywhere else take shortcuts.

Here are some areas in life where you can take a shortcut:


Don’t spend years trying to figure things out, learn directly from experts and masters. 

It is super-efficient and smart. It is also something that many people don’t think about.


Building Credibility:

Don’t slow build credibility, learn fast and get on big established platforms built by other people to distribute your work.

Tim Ferris did that early in his career and won big.


Getting things done:

Think – Who not How – as @dansullivansc and @benjaminphardy recommend in their book with the same title.

Find who can help you with what you want done.


Slow change is painful. So when possible pull the bandaid, bear the pain for once, and stick to the new approach for 90 days. In that time, it’ll become the new normal.

I did it when I tried to quit tea after drinking it in copious amounts every day for decades.


When using tools:

If you use a computer or a laptop, not using keyboard shortcuts is a sin.

Learn shortcuts for browsers, keyboards, and hacks like using sheet.new, doc.new and slide.new to open new docs, sheet, and presentation when on chrome.


Building connections:

To establish connections with influential people, buy what they make to get closer to them rather quickly.

This is how to build close relationships with bestselling authors, big-name founders, and other influential people.

Which other areas of your life can you take a shortcut?

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