How to Tackle Hard Tasks

I have recently been trying to crack a tough nut.

I am trying to break into a niche where I have had some success in the past, with an intent to increase the scale of that success.

And, things haven’t clicked so far and we are still away from the product-market fit.

A simple way is to build an audience over time and understand their behavior and preferences in the long run.

But I don’t want to take too much time doing it. So I am running ads. They have worked but not the way I thought they would. I think I am about three months away from getting it all under control.

I am sticking to it knowing that the upside can be huge. A part of me is also telling me to test a different niche.

This is all hard. Here is how I am tackling it.

Fixed an upper limit. For both money and time, I’ll spend testing it. This way, even if it does not work, I would not have wasted a lot.

Taking it all as learning. Even if my experiment is not successful with this niche, I’ll accrue the learning to do it right for the next niche.

Made a plan that consists of several small tasks and got help. So this testing involves running ads, hosting webinars, sending emails, and pitching those who sign up. I am not trying to do it all at once, and I have people helping me with different parts of the test.

Open to change course. If an approach does not work, I am open to changing it. Because results matter more than being right about all parts of my plan.

Hoping that it will all work. It makes all the experimentation more enjoyable. And what is the point of doing something if it is not fun?

That’s how I am tackling it all.

How do you tackle hard tasks?

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