18 Traits of Successful Agency Founders

  1. They stop doing things they are not good at. 
  2. They unlearn and learn regularly.
  3. They control their time and attention. 
  4. They are always on the lookout for good people to work with. 
  5. They keep an eye on what makes them money and zero in on that.
  6. They have self-awareness and recognize their strengths and weaknesses.
  7. They actively seek out opportunities for growth and development.
  8. They have strong time management skills and prioritize their tasks effectively.
  9. They delegate effectively and trust their team members to handle responsibilities.
  10. They have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  11. They identify and target profitable opportunities.
  12. They have a growth mindset and are always open to new ideas and suggestions.
  13. They have a clear vision for their agency and can effectively communicate it to their team.
  14. They have strong leadership skills and can inspire and motivate their team.
  15. They make tough decisions when necessary and are not afraid to take calculated risks.
  16. They maintain a work-life balance and prioritize their health and well-being.
  17. They have a strong network and can collaborate and form partnerships with other professionals in their industry.
  18. They have a customer-focused approach and are dedicated to delivering excellent service to their clients.

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