Stimulus and Response

There is a space between these two.

And, our freedom lies within that space.

If we learn to choose our response whenever we experience a stimulus or trigger we can find a state of serenity and equanimity.

That means no variation in energy inside our bodies and when that happens we can find a state of peak balance and energy.

The stimulus I am talking about can be someone shouting at us, the weather, success, or failure. There can be many responses to a particular stimulus, and we can find our power by not reacting without thinking.

If we master this then we can change our lives.

This is easier said than done.

Otherwise everyone will be transformed.

But this is not impossible.

The answer lies in meditation.

Meditation makes us aware of our bodies and minds, it also tunes us into the universe, the intelligence of which is supreme. So it prepares us to make right choices, and it definitely can increase the space between stimulus and response, even for those who are just starting.

While many of us are stuck at home for most of the time, this is a great opportunity to practice finding the space between stimulus or triggers. Because, there is no dearth of triggers to upset us coming at us from different directions.

In the presence of a stimulus, know that you don’t have to say or react with a wild response, and you can lean into the space between stimulus and response, and find a choice that’s empathetic and serves you well.

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