Follow These Steps to Make Sure You Achieve Your Goals

This time of the year is great for reflection.

And when we reflect along with the success, we think about what did not work.

If you had some projects that didn’t work this year and you want to give them a go next year, follow these steps.

Steps to Achieve Your Goals

  • Break your goal into mini-steps, go as micro as you can.
  • Analyze which mini-step resulted in failure.
  • Figure out what you’d do differently this time so that the same step does not remain your weak link.
  • Now, look at the remaining steps which you didn’t attempt last time.
  • Make a person reasonable for each step. For some of the steps that person will be you.
  • Don’t overestimate what you can. Get help and list the names of people who will help with a specific step.
  • For each step list a plan B, to make sure that it is done.
  • Set a time to complete the steps.
  • And just start.

This works well for big goals that need massive effort.

Give it a shot, and see how it works for you.

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