How to Cope with Startup Life

Entrepreneurial life is about the highest highs and lowest lows.

In the beginning, there will be more lows but this does not mean they’ll go away after you find success and become big. They won’t. Only the type of challenges and lows will increase.

The new startup will have the problem of finding traction and earning revenues. Later the challenges will be to grow further, keeping margins high, retaining customers, and growing revenues.

All this is a rollercoaster ride for an entrepreneur, a roller coaster that does not end in 10 minutes but goes on for a good 5-10 years.

Here is how you can survive and thrive through this all this.


Spend time where there is no shop talk. Such time will usually be with your friends who are not in the same field of work as you.


Spend time with a mentor or a friend who has been on the same path as you and ask them how they coped up.


Let go. A lost customer, unpaid bills, the prospect who ghosts you, non-performing employees are all realities of startup life. You gotta do what you best can do to tackle or salvage a situation. But then, learn to let go. That is how you focus on and conquer what is ahead of you.


Move your body. Tough situations don’t last for somebody who has a sound mind and body. The startup roller coaster takes the biggest tool of one’s health. Make sure to move and meditate to keep the body and mind in good shape.


Be grateful for what you have, and remember the good things, and the good times. I have a folder where I keep emails from those who appreciate my work. Create a space like this if you can.

Hope these ideas will help you sail through your startup life.

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