Which Growth Model Or Approach Is Right For You?

Already successful but want more growth?

If this is YOU then I am sure you come across a lot of ideas and models that others are using successfully to boost your growth.

But you can’t implement all the ideas that you come across.

Here is how to choose one that is right for you.

It’s good to consider them all and ask ourselves.  

  1. Does it help me get closer to my main goal?
  2. If yes, then do I have the mental space and resources to bring it to life?
  3. If yes, then ask does it excite me?
  4. If yes, then ask can I do it without hampering my other well thought plans?
  5. If yes, then ask when can I do the part where my time is required?

Based on the answer to the last question you schedule.

If the answer to any question is ‘NO’ then ignore the idea you are exploring.

And, scheduling is super important because the best idea is the one you can implement.

How much time to invest in growth?

There is no definitive answer because it depends on what you do on a day to day basis, and how your business or work life is structured. 

That said, here is an approach you can use.

Strategic Approach to Scheduling Time for Growth

Think of your time [Apart from Family Time] and divide it into 3 distinct buckets

  1. Work (Current Engagements) 
  2. Growth by Learning (time invested in courses or Masterminds you are part of, and reading/exploration)
  3. Growth by Execution (time invested in executing on ideas)

Always keep working to reduce the time you spend on #1 above, and invest rest of the time on #2 and #3

Hope this helps.

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