Start Small. Do More.

Kendra Scott, a self-taught jewelry designer, designed her first collection in 2002, with $500 in the spare bedroom of her home. 

Not knowing that the business she started Kendra Scott LLC will become a brand valued at a billion dollars.

Thanks to her business, Forbes placed her ahead of celebrities like Taylor Swift and Beyonce on the Forbes’ 2017 list of the richest self-made women.

There is a lesson for many of us in Kendra Scott’s success.

That we can start small, and still be successful.

In fact, starting small can be an advantage because by starting small we lower risk, can try more, and increase our odds of success.

We can use this approach for almost any pursuit.

Want to rock on YouTube? Start with a simple 10-second video. Make 10 of them, and then do a 20-second one, and keep going like that.

Want to write a book? Start by posting tweets, then move on to writing blogs and articles, refine your learnings, and then write an ebook, before doing the book.

Want to get fit? Start with a 5-minute morning walk and go from there.

You get the idea, right?

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